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The classes we offer are tailored in a way where it is progressive, controlled, but at the same time, will really push you outside your comfort zone, using a variety of training techniques. We offer 9 different class options which anyone can join at anytime.

They are:

808 LIFT

– LIFT is our strength and conditioning class. This is where we teach you the fundamentals of the lifts you do at any gym using a range of techniques that help you progress in your training. The major four we cover off are Deadlifts, Squats, Bench and Chin ups, and we also do a host of other lifts that will supplement the big four and gain you the results you are looking for.


– TORQUE is our signature class and is where use predominantly bodyweight movements to enhance your cardiovascular training and all over body conditioning. Great for beginners, people getting ready for pre season training, or someone looking for a great kick ass session where you leave everything on the floor and feel great afterwards. Using a variety of skills such as ZUU, Tabata, Max Interval, Pyramids, Power bag and KB, you will notice a big difference in your overall fitness very FAST.


– STRIKE is exactly what it says. It is our boxing class, and the sound of leather on leather is very unique. You will learn how to punch, how to pad hold, how to motivate your partner and work in small groups top achieve the goal. One of the greatest ways of getting fit and also very good at releasing any stress you may have. Chuck some gloves on and find out!


– CHURCH is a special session run every Sunday at 0700. Run especially by the Chief. It is where we repent your exercise sins. If you have over eaten, if you have not done the training you should of, or even if you feel you have not a positive impact on the people around you, this is where you come and make amends, and then you can start clean again on Monday.


Hybrid ZUU is our 30 minute High Intensity Class utilising ZUU based movements to get the best out of you and shred that FAT fast


Sculpt is our women’s only session where we get your for and body into the best shape ever. Sammy, our #1 lady will take you through a great progressive session where your bum will get tighter, tummy flatter and you back into the bikini you want. It is great for pre and post pregnancy women and you can bring your kids as well. Email us to find out more


808 Lunch League is where we combine the foundation classes; TORQUE and LIFT, and provide you with 45 minutes of kick ass training to get you fired up for work in the afternoon. And after your class, have a shower, eat your lunch and then head back to work. Great for those time starved workers who need to get their fitness fix ASAP


Battle Tested is our competitive class where we utilise traditional Strength and conditioning workouts to help you get better in a more competitive environment where you may want to compete in local or national fitness events. This is has an add on fee of $5 per week onto your existing membership. For more details, please email Chief at to learn more about what goes on in this class.

808 RAGE

RAGE is our brand new ANKORR program. This is an intense 6 week program run throughout the year using the awesome ANKORR harness training system. Proved around the world to increase athletic performance, increase flexibility and power. If your are wanting to go to the next level, you NEED to do this program. Contact us to learn more about this amazing system. We are the only ones on the North Shore who are qualified to run this program.

Please note this class is not included in the normal pricing plan, but is a separate package altogether. to find out more, please contact us @




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