Meet the team who keep you accountable


abraham 'chief' dyer

Experience: 8 years in the NZ Army, 12 Years in the Fitness industry.  From Personal Training up to 60 clients a week to now owner operator of 808 House of Training for the last 7 years.


Chiefs fitness journey started very early on when he was given a hulkamania weight set when he was 8 years old and has never looked back.  Developing his love for training during his time at Auckland Boys High School, he continued that journey into the NZ army where he took to the tough physical challenges on the daily.  Whilst in the army he developed a love for Waka Ama and did this sport for 10 years.  Competing nationally and overseas.  


From there he dabbled a bit on bodybuilding, and then morphed into ultra running/obstacle racing and Crossfit where his passion for the sport of fitness is still flaming bright.


Chief loves coaching and programming and you will see him at the gym 6 days a week from 5am till late in the day.

Quick Info:

Age:  41 (1980)

Role:  Owner of 808 and Head Programmer and coach.

Sports:  Rugby League, NFL, NBA, Crossfit, Running

Hobbies:  Trail running, being a dad, reading, Gaming with the other 808 Dads, Writing, Tattoos,

Music:  Heavier the better.  Korn all time fav band

Something no one knows about you:  I have 199 Pairs of Stance Socks.

Fav Quote:  "Crave the results so intensely that the work is irrelevant." 



808 House of Training


carlee 'smurf' harvey

Experience: Carlee has lived a very full and active life.  You gotta ask her yourself :)  She was first a member of 808 way back at its inception, and found her passion for training and being with people.  She qualified herself through the appropriate courses and is now Chiefs right hand person.


Carlee is the go to lady for all our new people.  Her caring, people first mentality quickly endears herself to our people and she firmly becomes and integral part of your success at 808.  One of the few people that can put Chief and Levi back in their place.  She is strong caring lady who has entrenched herself into the DNA of 808.


You will see Carlee most morning at SCULPT through to the afternoon classes.

Quick Info:

Age:  42 (1979)

Role:  Coach and Customer Service

Sports:  Crossfit, Powerlifting, Lifting…Just lifting in general.  She loves her footy as well

Hobbies:  Being a Mum, Baking, training, people, having a few wines and being with good friends.  She is also an amazing judge.

Music:  Pop, dance and a bit of Rock.

Something no one knows about you:  She can out squat most men

Fav Quote:  "When you are tired, sore and can’t do more, that is the time to do more."



PT with Carlee


levi 'meerkat' jenkinson

Experience: This man is the ultimate jack of all trades.  A sky diving sandman, he was a member of 808 before soon doing every course under the sun to become one heck of a Crossfit, strength coach.


Levi is our energiser bunny.  Always up for a cheeky train, loves being around people and having a good time.  His knowledge around gymnastics is second to none and he can get anyone from any walk of life doing handstands, pull ups and pistols.  With a passion for travel and adventure, he is up for anything that involves some hardworking and a few good laughs.


Our night time coach, you wills see him most afternoons and evenings running around being the amazing man that he is.

Quick Info:

Age:  28 (1992)

Role:  Coach and gymnastic specialist

Sports:  Crossfit, rugby, sky diving, hockey

Hobbies:  Traveling around the world, building and being one heck of a handy man

Music:  Thrash metal, country, opera (who knew)

Something no one knows about you:  He can build a camper van from scratch

Fav Quote:  "Anyone can start something.  Very few people can finish."



Levi Jenkinson